What are IELTS Fees in India: A detailed information about IELTS fees

IELTS, as an exam is gaining more popularity day by day. With more candidates opting to take the exam, everybody should be taking a look at the IELTS Fees Structure. What amount they are to pay for registering for the examination. In this article, let’s take a look at the IELTS Fees structure and how to make the payment for completing the registration.


For test dates till 31st March 2019, The IELTS fees in India was ₹ 12650. But now the fees have been revised to ₹ 13250. This is the amount that you have got to pay for the registration. Please note that the IELTS fee remains the same for both versions of the tests, about which we have discussed in our earlier post. To sum up, they are (i) IELTS Academic - aimed for candidates who plan to undertake academic study and (ii) IELTS General - recommended for candidates planning to work or migrate. 

IELTS Exam Syllabus

IELTS Registration:

Registration for IELTS can be done either online or offline. Though it is recommended that we follow the online way, as it is hassle-free. Both will incur the same amount as the IELTS fees.

Online registration:

This can be completed by following the two steps below; 

  1. Choose the date when you want to take the test and complete the application form online. 
  2. Pay the IELTS fees online by Credit card/Debit card. 

Offline registration:

This can be done by registering through courier/post by completing the following three steps below;

  1. Download the IELTS Registration form from the official IELTS website. 
  2. Choose the test date and fill up the application form with the required details.
  3. Pay the IELTS Fees by DD (Demand draft or by cash (Payment in cash can be done by visiting the nearest ICICI bank with the ICICI payment slip).

IELTS Course Payment Options: 

If you are planning to register online, you can pay the IELTS Fees using the following methods. Credit/Debit card (for online registration) - The card should have an international payment facility enabled.

  1. Net Banking (for online registration) 
  2. Payment wallets (for online registration) 
  3. Cash (for offline registration) – It is required to make cash payment at any ICICI bank branch after filling in the ICICI deposit slip there.
  4. Demand Draft (for offline registration) - This should be addressed to British Council and payable at New Delhi) 

Sending the documents:

Candidates who are registering online and are paying the IELTS fees by credit/debit card or net banking or payment wallets are not required to submit any document.  

Candidates who are registering offline and are paying the IELTS fees by ICICI deposit slip or DD must either: 

  1. Upload the scanned ICICI deposit slip in the candidate area and send it via courier or 
  2. Send the DD via courier as applicable. 

Candidates after registering are expected to receive an email containing the access details to the free online preparation course – ‘Road to IELTS’, after payment for the IELTS fees is successfully completed. 

Apart from this, they will also receive a free IELTS preparation book. This should reach within 14 days after registration at the address provided by the candidate. 


In case of an emergency, candidates must be requested for a postponement or cancellation of their test within 5 weeks of the test date. They must provide appropriate medical evidence along with the required certificates within 5 days of the test date. Otherwise, the full IELTS fees for the test will be charged. 

Refund details: 

  1. Candidates who transfer the test date to a different date will be required to pay ₹.1,900/- as a transfer fee. 
  2. Candidates cancelling the test date will face a deduction of ₹.1,900/- from the IELTS fees with the remaining balance available for refund. 


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